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We're not just designers; we're storytellers, transforming every space into a captivating narrative. Join us in the world of innovative and captivating design, where every space becomes a story waiting to be told.

Jenniez Designs offers a comprehensive suite of design services to turn your vision into reality. Whether it’s crafting your dream home, optimizing commercial spaces, creating unforgettable hospitality experiences, staging real estate, embarking on renovations or new builds, or simply enhancing your surroundings with exquisite furnishings and decor, our team of experts is here to deliver precision, style, and creativity.

Crafting Tailored Interior Solutions

Elevate your home’s aesthetics and functionality with our personalized residential interior design solutions.

Create impactful and functional workspaces that inspire creativity and boost productivity.

Craft inviting and memorable experiences for guests with our expertise in hospitality interior design.

Maximize property value and appeal with our strategic staging solutions that resonate with potential buyers.

Transform existing spaces into modern, efficient, and visually stunning environments.
For those seeking to reimagine or elevate their home with some new furnishings and decor, our Scheme furnishing and styling package services will help you get incredible results. Plus, it’s fast, easy, and fun!
Thirty-minute virtual Zoom call with one of our interior designers to pick their brain about your specific design dilemmas! Show us around your space, get our advice on design options you are considering, or just ask questions on almost anything design related—it’s up to you!

Real Estate

From strategic marketing and advertising to negotiations, contracts, showings, photography and beyond, we offer a full service experience to the real estate industry.

Why Real Estate?

With our several years of experience in the interior design industry, we recognized the challenges that property developers, individuals and investors across Nigeria face – sourcing vital pieces of individual materials from different suppliers and working with the right professionals. This results in an inefficient, inconsistent process that lacked continuity and slow project delivery.

Also the dire need for new homeowners to have access to quality interior design, to enable them bring their dream homes or office to reality, after investing in acquiring such properties

Our Mission

At Jenniez Designs our aim is to help as many property developers, owners and investors achieve their goals, faster — all through the design and build process.

Our Observation

Discerning investors and buyers have high expectations, hence making property development more competitive than ever, “good enough ” is no longer good enough. Consistently delivering exceptional properties, without blowing the budget can be exhausting and time consuming!

Our Philosophy

We believe that more professionals and homeowners in Nigeria need to have access to quality interior design services to fit the quality of properties they own. Discerning investors and buyers have high expectations, making property development more competitive than ever, "good enough "is no longer good enough. Consistently delivering exceptional properties, without blowing the budget can be exhausting and time consuming! Hence the need to provide a seamless design and build process

Our Promise

The Problem we are solving

Who we are

Out of this challenges, we saw an opportunity, and Jenniez Designs offering has evolved from a full interior design company to a specialist interior design company offering bespoke services to Property Developers and Investors by providing homes, commercial properties, marketing suites, Air B and B, resorts, retirement living and exclusive interiors for private clients homes and offices .

What we do

Our services include an end-to-end, bespoke interior design service suitable for all developments. We can assist you with conceptual design planning, brand analysis, feasibility studies and project completion for different layouts and design schemes. Whether you are involved in developing a leisure, residential or commercial property, we can help ensure that design excellence is integral to the whole process.

Our Advantage

Our years of experience in the interior design industry. The CEO is an industry leader who thrives on integrity Jenniez Design has its own furniture manufacturing factory in Lagos. Our seasoned Creative Director is the President of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria [IDAN] and manages several businesses successfully Access to a great network of design industry partners and vendors. Healthy long standing relationships with numerous design industry partners and vendors.

Have a project in mind?

Contact us today, and let’s turn your ideas into inspiring, tangible designs. Your dream, our expertise – a perfect match for success.

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